Our exclusively wood-roasted coffee blends’ unique flavor and enveloping fragrance are available in ESE format pods.


A refined blend designed to make a wholeness of flavors come alive. The Notes of cocoa, floral fragrances, and a touch of citrus find their harmony with a hazelnut base, creating an ever-changing balance between sweet, bitter, and acid tones, enveloping the palate with various flavors.

Format: 150 pods x 7G, net weight 1050.


A blend that will surprise you with various aromas, such as chocolate, vanilla, and flowers, which give an overall balance when melted together. A coffee stripped of caffeine but not the pleasure of maintaining a round and velvety taste on the palate.

Lower than 0,1% caffeine content.

Format: 150 pods x 7G, net weight 1050.